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Our Booking PolicyWelcome! Sessions are either over the telephone or through Teleport Video Conferencing. Please indicate upon booking. Thank you!


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I am a naturally born Medium whose abilities strengthened after my Near Death Experiences in 2000 and 2001. I became a Gateway: I live with one foot in the Angelic Realm and one foot in the Physical Realm simultaneously.

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60 reviews
  • Kelly·

    Had a wonderful experience. She was very accurate
    I will be rescheduling. I Highly recommend everyone to experience Jane's readings.

  • Michelle·

    Had an absolutely wonderful reading by Jane. Felt very supported and had things that were on my mind discussed and clarified. I would highly recommend Jane to anyone whom is looking for answers and guidance.

  • Cheryl·

    My heart was overjoyed for the way she saw me and spoke in a way that was useful. I am such an odd one. I feel very happy as I do the homework she gave me and I look forward to more. 💖🌼🙏

  • Veselka·

    Jane is in her true power when she does these readings for me. Her guidance is very essential in crucial moments and proves to be very accurate. I am truly grateful for her support.

  • Michelle·

    Amazing reading today by Jane. Found great comfort and validation with this reading.

  • Debbie·

    Jane’s energy, sense of humour and ability to tune in were amazing - it was a joy to connect with her. I am very grateful for, and touched by what she shared.

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